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About me

My name is Claudiu-Nicolae Mureșan, and I am a calm person, I adapt quickly and easily to the surrounding conditions, I am a responsible person.

I can say that I graduated from the Faculty of Law “Dimitrie Cantemir” from Cluj-Napoca, where I accumulated knowledge in the legal field. I worked for 5 years in the Municipal House of Culture in Zalău, where I gained experience in culture and was part of the Professional Artistic Ensemble Porolissum as a dancer. In the meantime, I obtained a certificate of professional certification of data entry, processing and validation operator, after which I master at an advanced level the Microsoft Office suite.

In the last year, I deepened my knowledge in the legal field and in the field of accounting, being employed as a collation and drafting documents at a notary office in Bucharest. I can remain calm and confident under pressure.

I have, and I know the following:

- the ability to quickly learn new knowledge (passionate about technology)

- Basic knowledge of IT hardware and software

- basic knowledge of structures (assembly/disassembly) of a laptop, desktop, monitor, printer, scanner, multifunctional, etc.

- Operating system installations (Microsoft, Linux)- basic and skills

- the ability to install and configure software (Microsoft Office Suite, antivirus, email, legal programs, accounting programs, games, Adobe Photoshop, etc.)

- basic knowledge in programming languages such as SQL, HTML

- Skills for using DSLR and others

-Certificate of digital competencies;

-Professional competency certificate: Middle-level language skills in English;

-Certificate of linguistic comprehensiveness in an international language:

- English language (level B2);

-Universal studies - licensed in LAW

I am passionate about staying up to date with the latest technologies

With respect,

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