Ionuț Alexandru Dinu

About me

A strong motto should rule our work, but in the eyes of others it is easier to see what you can’t do, rather than what you can do best. So in my eyes it matters what I want to do best.

My job responsibilities are to help people grow their business by providing assistance to their organizations and by reviewing and improving their IT Governance Framework. Additionally, I offer assistance in Regulatory IT and Security Audits of the Internet Banking applications used by the banks to connect to the Electronic Payment System (SEP) in compliance with the Romanian regulations laws.

Based on my current experience, I like to work in a multinational environment as this environment is the most challenging one and it exposed me to different points of view and taught me how to think outside the box. This is where I have learned how to quickly adapt to any situation and how to react accordingly. It had improved my knowledge and my professional skills.

Specialties: IT and security audits, information security and data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery.