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Job seekers

Job seekers

ruby internship la Smart Tech 2000 în Cluj-Napoca

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By Antonia Iriza 1900 days ago

We are looking for someone with a passion for clean code and great products.
Our current technology stack includes Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and a bunch of
standalone ruby components and libraries.

We are also using noSQL solutions, mainly MongoDB. We select technologies on
their use cases and re-evaluate our choices. We use Git – you can learn it

We care about quality, both in code and process. You should be confortable
with giving/receiving code reviews.

have your own (code) projects which you can brag about
willing to learn
like to experiment with new technologies
have an opinion about OOP design
gnu + linux

This helps
contributions to open source = you almost got the job
account on projecteuler.net (we want to see problem solving )
github profie

caffeine (under coffee format)
work with new technologies
flexible program
XBox + Kinect at the office

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