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Cursuri online - Photoshop CS6 Crash Course - 40$

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By Administrator 3963 days ago
Discount amount: 50 %
Valid from: 17 April, 2013
Valid until: 30 May, 2013 (Voucher expired)

This course takes you from knowing nothing about Photoshop to having an incredibly good handle on the program in as little time as possible.

The three legs of Photoshop are:

  • Layers
  • Selections
  • Color Correction

If you understand how to manipulate those three elements, you can accomplish just about anything with Photoshop. This course starts by going over those concepts and then shows how to combine them for powerful results.

Rather than showing you every single feature, this course focuses on the features people actually use without boring you to tears on the other tools.

The instructor, Jeremy Shuback, has taught over 150,000 people Photoshop and works as a professional designer. He uses Photoshop every day to create everything from billboards to photorealistic matte paintings for feature films. More importantly, he understands that you don't want to spend 14 hours straight trying to learn Photoshop.