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  • i need buy in internet. by auntpris

    our business is to buy concert tickets and then sell them, but the company responsible for organizing these events has put a filter on your system purchase. now only allows one purchase per person. and verifies that this system not buy more than one ticket per person... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jo...

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Sales

    2906 days ago

  • Google Adwords Master Required - Need to improve our eCommerce website conversion rate by kanarywatches

    Dear experts, We need an expert to manage our Analytics and Adwords accounts effectively and efficiently to improve our Adwords and Website conversion rates using the minimum monthly budget. We... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Google Analytics, Internet Marketing, Landing Pages, Sales, SEM ...

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Google Analytics, Internet Marketing, Landing Pages, Sales, SEM / Adwords

    2906 days ago

  • ebay marketers by GarretWalsh

    Hello everyone my name is garret walsh the owner of a not so popular store. Need people to sell things for me on ebay. Your requirements are 30+ sellers feedback. sell the things I tell you to sell in a fast rate... (Budget: min $5000 USD, Jobs: Bulk Marketing, eBay, Internet Marketing, Leads, Sa...

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Bulk Marketing, eBay, Internet Marketing, Leads, Sales

    2907 days ago

  • Market research Needed by poojashukla86

    I need some one who can do market research for me. be my virtual assistant on regular basis. Some one who is good in english (Budget: $2-$3 USD, Jobs: Advertising, Leads, Market Research, Marketing, Sales)

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Advertising, Leads, Market Research, Marketing, Sales

    2927 days ago

  • Sign up Members of Organizations by sprtoday

    Good day - Our firm is seeking an experienced communicator to promote our service to members of various non for profit and institutional organizations that relate to what our service can offer. Ultimately... (Budget: $1500-$3000 USD, Jobs: Communications, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Publ...

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Communications, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales

    2927 days ago

  • Facebook Ad Images And Copy by drobbs

    I am running Facebook ads for an IT company. I need to have 4 different ads created that will resonate with our customer base. I will need 4 different images with ad copy: Titles and descriptions. Here... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Advertising, Copywriting, Facebook, Marketing, Sales)

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Advertising, Copywriting, Facebook, Marketing, Sales

    2952 days ago

  • Making Coupons... Coupon Manufacturing by dr10019

    I need someone who can make coupons and print them. For every 1,000 coupons printed we will pay $500. We are looking for someone who can manufacture coupons like starbucks. They cannot use a regular home printer for this job, its not worth it to them and they will lose a lot of ink... (Budget...

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Pattern Making, Print, Sales

    2960 days ago

  • calling businesses up by electrolize

    hi we are looking for someone to call businesses up, if they are interested in advertising on our website the person needs to have good english skill plus communication skill (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: Sales)

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Sales

    2963 days ago

  • Aurora Borealis by silverstarsshr

    This multimedia international project have own web page on which one we made competition. We looking for person which one will offer advertising space to potential clients. Your provision willl be 15% of each selling... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Advertising, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Sale...

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Advertising, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Sales

    2966 days ago

  • I need to sell my products by jmundi20

    I own this We sell vanilla coke to Canadians. In Canada we cannot buy vanilla coke. Since my business is so new i need more sales. I need help getting more sales and this is where you and your expertise come in... (Budget: $30-$250 CAD, Jobs: Advertising, Internet Market...

    Tags: freelancer, proiecte, Advertising, Internet Marketing, Leads, Sales

    2966 days ago

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