Elena Popa - Marketing Executive, EMBA

About me

I am a marketing artist with a mathematician mind and a doctor's heart. I am specialized in:

▪ Medical Marketing.

▪ Sales & Health Promotion.

▪ General Medicine.

Having a medical background (MD), I've been working in the pharmaceutical field for 18+ years (sales, marketing, management). During time I've been the engine for complex interdisciplinary continuous medical education (CME) programs in various therapeutic areas: ▪ Cardiovascular ▪ Dermatology ▪ Diabetes ▪ Gastroenterology ▪ General Medicine ▪ Infectious Diseases ▪ Internal Medicine ▪ Neonatology ▪ Nephrology ▪ Neurology ▪ Ophtalmology ▪ Orthopaedy ▪ Paediatry ▪ Rehabilitation ▪ Respiratory ▪ Rheumatology ▪ Vascular and General Surgery.

I am looking forward to be partners in success!

E-mail: elenapetcu@yahoo.com