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Audio Content Editor

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By Daniel Botei 897 days ago

If you're looking to start a podcast, or need help with your audio content, look no further. I have been producing my podcast/radio show alongside with presenters for BBC, I have a vast experience in professional audio studio recording and now I want to help you with your audio content.
All you need to do is record your content, write your show notes, and send it my way. I'm a professional audio editor with dozen of hours in audio edit on board.On this way: I can offer services even for your podcast or narration, radio advert or any other audio content:

Audio Clean-up (uhm, ahs, flubs)
Audio Processing and Volume Leveling
Background Noise Reduction/Removal
Mixing in additional audio files include already-produced intro/outro

Help to enhance the dialogs/vocals
Create the roomtone and atmosphere

The final work can be converted in any format that you like.You will receive the master in High Quality format such as WAV or MP3 (Your Choice), ID3 Tagging and cover upload.

Based on your project, I can also imagine a trailer up to 40sec. useful for your campaign promotion. 
Depends of complexity, I can provide voice-over in Romanian language, also I can produce audio adverts and narrations.

This gig cover up to 15 minutes but if you're planing a podcast or a voice-over which is longer, don't hesitate to contact me.

Price RON75
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