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  • ★☆ IMMEDIATE HIRE: E-commerce Assistant with Good English Writing Skills Wanted! Paid Weekly ☆★

★☆ IMMEDIATE HIRE: E-commerce Assistant with Good English Writing Skills Wanted! Paid Weekly ☆★

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Budget: RON16 per hour per hour

Hey! We are gocase.eu, a Shopify based online from Romania operating in 6 European countries (Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic) and we’re looking for a new member in our team (e-commerce assistant).

If you want to learn advanced e-commerce, online marketing, automation and business development, this position may be for you!

I made a short video here explaining who I am, what my company does and what I expect from applicants here:

Desired Applicants qualities:
- Ability to communicate well
- Can follow instructions
- Is honest and reliable
- Proactive
- Can solve problems
- Can look for solutions on Google without asking too many questions
- Excited to learn new things
- Looking for long-term employment

About me (Valentin):
- I am the business development manager at GoCase.eu and my job is to expand the business -internationally
- Passionate about e-commerce, marketing and product creation
- Developed 2 products and working on a 3rd one
- I work hard and deliver fast, therefore I am expecting my team members to do the same
- I like to become friends with my employees and I am respectful to them
- Open to new ideas and methods to improve the business
- I give performance bonuses for exceptional work - if you find a way to increase sales/ automate processes etc. - something that generates extra revenue - you will be rewarded for that.

Job Duties:

- Do online research
- Work a minimum of 7h per day, 5 days per week - payment is made per hour. If you work less than the the specified hours, your payment will be less. If you work more, you will get paid extra. (For time tracking we will use Desktime.)
- Check the work of other colleagues

The tasks will be usually given in the form of expected outcomes and it will be your duty to do the online research, and come with a solution. Everything can be found on Google/Forums/Facebook groups etc.

Past e-commerce experience is an advantage, but not a requirement. If you are capable of searching on google, asking on forums and facebook groups and installing softwares by following a tutorial, this job should be easy!

Examples of tasks:
- Add a product to the website according to this tutorial: http://shopifynation.com/shopify-tutorials/add-product-shopify/
- Add and configure a Shopify app such as https://apps.shopify.com/free-shipping-bar
- Post on questions forums then implement the answers according to instructions. (eg. to change the “my cart” button to something else.
- Read a tutorial on Shopify blog and implement the strategy presented there
Instructions are generally clear and can be followed step-by-step. You only need patience

Compensation plan:
- Paid weekly (you must provide invoice - it depends on your country of residence)
- Performance bonus for great work
- 13th month/ Christmas Bonus (after 1 year)
- Pay raise awarded based on performance
- Possibility of getting promoted (we are still in the beginning and growing fast)
- For every month that you work, you will receive one paid day for sick/vacation leave (12 days a year)
- 7 paid holidays per year - Christmas, Easter (2days) , New Year (2 days), May 1st, December 1st, (2 more at your choice - according to your local holidays)


- Send an email with the subject line: GoCase E-commerce Assistant
- Sent the email to ivnicoara (at) gmail (dot) com or send me a private message asking for the address if this one is not being displayed
- Complete the Google Form you will receive an email (see note below)

NOTE: After you send the email, you will receive a response from me with a link to a Google Form. Please complete the questions in the Google form. Forms that are not completed or only partially completed will not be considered for this position!

Monthly salaries plus bonuses and paid leave based on experience. Payment is made weekly.

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