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Nicoleta Cusu

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Job Video Production / Productie Video

Expiry Date:
Budget: RON200 per contract per contract

Are you a tech-savvy person, able to complete projects fast?

Are you trying to make some extra money from freelancing gigs?


Here’s a THE JOB for you: Video Production in Three Easy Steps


Step 1: Make a simple PowerPoint from our script (following some simple instructions);

Step 2: Record the PowerPoint with Camtasia Recorder, using our audio (voice over of the script);

Step 3: Synchronize the recording in Camtasia Studio and produce.



-          PowerPoint presentation;

-          Camtasia project;

-          Final Video.



From our experience, a video production for our type of projects usually takes 1-2 days tops. It’s even better if you could finish faster, of course.


Final word for those interested:

We are looking for a longtime Video Production Partner to offer top-notch videos for our projects.

We will talk via Skype and Email and you will get a full set of instructions at the start of your first project.    

Posted: 3123 days ago
Lowest wiquote: RON25 per hour, 50 per the contractHighest wiquote: RON50 per hour, 100 per the contract
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